Wednesday, December 26, 2007

paul newman is a huge dork.

dateline last night and my a.d.d. caught a story about paul newman's farm, empire, etc. they shot the whole thing from an angle that he usues organic farming and creates charities therefore the paul newman empire is good for the planet. he credited his knowledge of organics to his daughter. too bad mr. newman no one taught you about sustainability and local product! you are one of the single largest companies at 250 billion dollars who produce food and you want to call it eco concious because you ship all over the world to hungry yuppies who snatch up your expensive shit because its called healthy and has your stupid face on every bottle? how many bottles is that exactly? i'll tell you how many mr. newman. its more than your ONE STUPID little tiny farmers market can equal out. it will squash local healthy sustainable foods out like little bugs in a giant insect light! you suck mr. newman! you are a greedy bastard. i hate your stupid empire and your fake 'interest' in organics. you only like it because it appeals to stupid yuppies, aka rich idiots. i hope your dressing keeps your salad crisp in hell.


damon soule said...

though i completely agree with you regarding the issues of sustainability with respect to packaged foods, shipping etc. it is important to note that the newmans own brand does not keep any profits after cost and taxes. all proceeds go to programs that educate and support the kinds of progressive ideas you espouse. it's safe to say that his efforts are a hell of a lot more altruistic than general mills, nabisco, et al. you make many good points about yuppies and so forth but ultimately he is at the very least trying to make some small change in our behavior. it would be nice if everyone woke up tomorrow with an entirely new and healthy view of the world, but in my opinion we have already moved beyond any hope of saving ourselves from ourselves, and quite frankly, as it stands now i'm actually looking forward to the end of the human race ;)