Tuesday, December 4, 2007

mt. saint helens

i really love mt st helens its fun to hike around even tho they have blocked off most shit so you cant get to much. what is there tho is pretty awesome to check out. theres alot of fallen trees and debree (not the band) everywhere. my freind Raina wrote this cool poem about it for a class. i liked it...so...here it is so...

Raina Mills
Dr. Burns

Poem Inspired by Mt. St. Helens

Natural Renewal

Majestic Mountain
in form
in function
when again
it begins its destruction

a brief moment of silence

a single man stares in awe
a life’s work before him
Quiet blue sky

Gutted And Ripped Open
like the ground below
the weeds never had a chance
to feel the undertow
i doubt Dave felt
the hot Ash blow
before it turned day into night
hundreds of miles away

They say that ash cloud circled the earth…
No One believed there would be
When Lahar Lurched
through towns and train tressles

a grove of ghostly trees stand 27 years later
A Testament
To those of us who missed it
and wonder…
what it must have been like
That Day
traveling right up to the center
of the crater
Chattering Chipmunks and
Blooming Blue Flowers

Busses, babies, and tours by the hour

And that Big Hole…
plumes of steam

rebuilding life after demise

Are We truly surprised?