Tuesday, December 4, 2007

from the a.l.f. press office

for those of you not aware of who huntingdon life sciences is or what they do, they were crucial in the implication of the shaq 7 who were charged with 'terrorism' for running a website trying to shut them down....and because they were effective they were prosecuted.
h.l.s. has been tourturing dogs, specifically beagles, and has been filmed undercover on seveal investigations brutally beating dogs and commiting various other atrocities.

'your mommy kills animals' is a great documentary regarding the events occuring between h.l.s. and the shaq 7.

the main supporter, wachovia, who has had several major sharholders in here in portland who have been under attatck by the alf, has now pulled out.
here is the communique:

For Immediate Release
November 20, 2007

Animal Liberation Front Victorious in Campaign to End Support of Animal Abuser

The North American Animal Liberation Press Office learned on Sunday that Wachovia has sold all their shares involving the notorious animal testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences. Over the past several weeks the press office has received three anonymous communiques stating that illegal actions were taken against Wachovia. The two most recent were received by the press office just a few days ago and stated:

Friday night 11/9/2007
The entry gate to the walk up teller at a Wachovia satellite office in downtown LA was made inoperable by jamming super glue into the card access slot. A small sign reading "Wachovia tortures animals. Drop HLS assholes" was also affixed with super glue along with some other graffiti. Wachovia drop HLS or else this will not end. -ALF

13 November
Front of Wachovia branch in Brea, California redecorated with a lot of red paint. Cut your ties with H. L. S. Animal Liberation Front

Actions such as these against companies still dealing with the cruel and fraudulent company, have been occurring around the world in increasing frequency, and it appears that animal activists have not given up the campaign to force Huntingdon Life Sciences to end animal testing; a global campaign against the laboratory began seven years ago. Even though some high profile campaigners have been unfairly arrested and jailed for their attempts to expose the dirty secrets of this egregious animal testing company, activists appear to remain relentless in their resolve to see the the goal of SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) achieved.

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), is Europe's largest animal testing company with laboratories in New Jersey and the United Kingdom. In five consecutive undercover investigations, they have been exposed to employ lab technicians simulating sex with the animals, punching beagle puppies and violating numerous animal welfare regulations. The company kills 500 dogs and other animals every day testing such products as oven cleaners, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Before losing their NYSE listing two years ago, HLS lost their listing on the London Stock Exchange, after UK campaigners exposed atrocities occurring inside HLS facilities.